Independent Higher Education License Plates


Kentucky residents who are alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of independent higher education can show their support for independent higher education by purchasing a Kentucky license plate celebrating their institution.

Kentucky Independent Higher Education plates advertise allegiance to the featured campus while supporting current students. $10 from the sale of each plate is returned directly to the campus’s general scholarship fund. Sales of Kentucky Independent Higher Education license plates have generated more than $670,000 for student scholarships since the first plates hit the roads in 2002.

Each year AIKCU holds a friendly competition among its member campuses to see who can generate the most money for student scholarships. Transylvania University held the top spot in the “Battle of the Bumpers” from 2008-20017, before getting edged out by Centre College in 2018.

The original AIKCU license plates were issued in 2002 and all featured a common background and color scheme due to then-existing statutory restrictions. Those plates reached the end of their state-mandated five year life cycle in 2007. Thanks to advances in license plate printing technology and the cooperation between AIKCU and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, this presented a tremendous opportunity for AIKCU campuses to develop their own license plate identities. The first truly unique Kentucky Independent Higher Education campus plates became available in January 2008.

Plates cost $44 upon initial issue and $31 at renewal, including the $10 that goes directly to the campus for student scholarships. For more information, including photos of all Kentucky Independent Higher Education license plates and contact information for your County Clerk, visit the Kentucky Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing.

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