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Starfish is an educational technology company focused on student success. The Starfish® Enterprise Success Platform™ makes it easy for your institution to enlist your whole community as active participants in your student success initiatives by automating student tracking, early alert, online appointment scheduling, case management, and assessment. The goal is to help higher education institutions scale their student support initiatives in a way that helps more students engage with the campus community and, ultimately, achieve their academic goals. Founded in 2007 and already in use at more than 240 institutions, Starfish is headquartered in Arlington, VA.

AIKCU has signed an agreement that offers discounts on subscription fees for the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform.

To read more about Starfish and the institutions already using the platform on their campuses, we recommend the following: An overview of the Starfish platform (.pdf)

For inquiries, call:

Cincinnati (Global Headquarters)
50 E-Business Way, Suite 300
Cincinnati, OH 45241


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