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Since its inception in 2010, OOHLALA has demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering an unparalleled mobile experience in higher education. They provide innovative mobile solutions to make measurable impacts on key student outcomes.

OOHLALA has developed personalized strategies to ensure the success of mobile programs at some of North America’s most prestigious institutions.

Their vision is shared by 120+ schools, each of whom has worked alongside OOHLALA’s team to craft the best possible experience for their students.

OOHLALA views each new school as a challenge to build a better tool and a privilege to serve more students.

OOHLALA collaborated with Lindsey Wilson College to launch a mobile app for the LWC community in the summer of 2015. The remarkable early success of that project led AIKCU to partner with OOHLALA to make these mobile solutions available to other AIKCU member campuses.

The AIKCU/OOHLALA partnership offers AIKCU members a 25 percent discount on OOHLALA’s mobile platform and implementation.

Download the AIKCU & OOHLALA – A Strategic Partnership for a Mobile Climate presentation to learn more about OOHLALA and the Lindsey Wilson College case study.

AIKCU members interested in learning more about OOHLALA and their partnership with AIKCU should contact Jake Housdon, Mobile Education Consultant, at (315) 314-2051 or jake@oohlalamobile.com.