College Consortium

College Consortium helps higher education to better meet student needs by sharing access to online courses, tuition revenue, and best practices. Our technology, the Academic Sharing Platform™ (ASP), allows member institutions to seamlessly share courses, credits, and tuition. The system allows colleges to access specific transfer, bridge, certification, or degree completion courses for their students. We offer this cloud-based technology, along with an expert services team, to help institutions expand their degree programs and access new enrollments and revenue with no upfront investment.

We place the power in the institutions’ hands by allowing schools to choose which schools they want to connect with, and what courses they want to approve for their students. Throughout this process we work directly with schools to identify where they have the most opportunity, and we provide the necessary information to assure the success of Academic Sharing™ across the entire organization.

View College Consortium’s introductory webinar for AIKCU members.