Commonwealth Risk Solutions

Commonwealth Risk Solutions

Commonwealth Risk Solutions offers AIKCU campuses a student health insurance program that offers a meaningful level of health insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost. In addition to providing quality, low cost coverage for students, the program is designed to help campuses that provide on-campus health care services support their health facility operations. The program can be provided on a mandatory basis, with the cost of coverage included in the institution’s tuition and fees, or on a “hard waiver” basis, with students covered under other acceptable health care plans allowed to “opt out” of the program.The plan allows for flexibility based on the needs of individual institutions.

The basic plan:

  • Provides $15,000 annual accident and sickness medical maximum.
  • Pays 80% of eligible expenses on a “usual, reasonable and customary” basis.
  • Is secondary to other plans, but becomes primary in the absence of other coverage.
  • Covers expenses not covered by other plans (deductible, co-payments, etc.).
  • Covers prescription drugs up to a $500 annual maximum.
  • Covers “medically necessary” services as well as “mandated” preventive services.
Commonwealth Risk Solutions also offers property, casualty, and liability insurance to AIKCU campuses.


Tom Monarch
Commonwealth Risk Solutions
1900 Envoy Circle
P.O. Box 24233
Louisville, KY 40224
866.381.7954 (toll-free)

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