Alli Truttmann – Bellarmine University (’06)


Alli Truttmann
has been busy since she graduated from Bellarmine University with a psychology degree in 2006. She went on to obtain a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Louisville (2008) and returned to Bellarmine to become a certified personal trainer in 2009. She works as a self-employed therapist for children with autism, a personal trainer, and as an adjunct instructor in the psychology department at Bellarmine.

She’s also the entrepreneur behind Wicked Sheets, a company that makes bed sheets designed to stay cool and dry, using fabric similar to that found in athletic clothing. An athlete who suffers from night sweats, Truttmann came up with the idea for her product as a way to help people like her get a good night’s sleep.

The sheets have been a hit and business has grown steadily since she started producing the sheets herself in her apartment in 2008. Wicked Sheets won the top prize in the 2012 Venture Sharks competition.

“My entrepreneurial spirit started at Bellarmine, when I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my psychology degree and how I could do something different,” she said. “Psychology is everywhere in the business world; the key is figuring out how and when to apply it.”

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