AIKCU Board of Directors issues anti-racism statement

At their June 30, 2020 meeting, the AIKCU Board of Directors approved the following statement:

The Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU) and each of its 18 member institutions strongly and unequivocally condemn racism in any shape, form, or fashion. Higher education is uniquely tasked to create an environment where people of all backgrounds come together to learn, grow, and educate. Racism is antithetical to the values of independent higher education in Kentucky and the values each of our institutions espouse. As an association and as the independent higher education sector in Kentucky, we are committed to fighting racism in higher education through institutional change and seeking to impact our local communities, our state, and our society at large to work towards equal justice and opportunity.

We recognize this statement alone will not end racism but acknowledging that each institution has a role to play is a first, important step. Together, we can do our part to end racism in higher education.

Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities Board of Directors