AIKCU Voices: Abby Link, Thomas More University

For 2020 we’ve been asking students and alumni of Kentucky’s independent colleges and universities to share something about their college experiences in a series we’ve been calling AIKCU Voices. If you’d like to share your story, email us at

Thomas More University student Abby Link on campus

I grew up knowing I was going to go to college since middle school. My mom would say she would help all that she could, but that I would have to do the majority of the work myself. With being the baby of the family and being a part of a single-parent household, I knew I would have to rely on scholarships — otherwise, I might not be able to go to college. I still remember three years ago when I received my award letter from Thomas More in the mail. My mom and I jumped up and down with excitement. I instantly knew I would be attending Thomas More in the fall of 2017 double majoring in political science and economics. 

I’m now in my third year and I’ve made it further in higher education than any of my immediate family members. Being able to attend Thomas More has enhanced who I am as a leader and a student. I was extremely introverted and not involved at all when I stepped onto campus, but now I’m the president of the Student Activities Board, a resident assistant, and I have three work studies on campus through Institutional Advancement, Admissions, and the Orientation Program. Plus, I’ve added two minors to my double major. If I would have gone to any other school, there’s no way I would be as happy and successful as I am now. Thomas More has provided me with opportunities I couldn’t get anywhere else. 

Abby Link
Dry Ridge, Kentucky
Thomas More University ’21