AIKCU Voices: Don Trowell, Lindsey Wilson College

For 2020 we’re asking students and alumni of Kentucky’s independent colleges and universities to share stories about their college experiences in a new series we’re calling AIKCU Voices. If you’d like to share your story, email us at

Portrait of Lindsey Wilson student Don Trowell

My name is Don Trowell, and I am currently a Sophomore attending Lindsey Wilson College. I study Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, and Journalism. LWC is located in Adair Co., Columbia, KY, which is a ways from my hometown in Louisville. I went to school at Fern Creek High and graduated in June of 2018.

My goal in life is to become an entertainer and entrepreneur. Singing, acting, performing and etc. In my spare time (which isn’t much), I make YouTube videos that showcase my life, skill, and love for people and positivity. Aside from that, being under the wing of my grandparents in my mid-teen years, I gained such an overwhelming love for business and entrepreneurship. As they are both entrepreneurs, I learned that “…no one can be your boss, better than you can.” Both of these areas of passion have helped direct me to the pinnacle that I am at now in life, at my wonderful college and home in Columbia-Adair County, Lindsey Wilson College. 

In deciding on a plan for my postsecondary success, I knew exactly what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be a number. I didn’t want to be voiceless. I didn’t want to make less of a difference. Lastly, I didn’t want to be ridiculously stressed. The one thing I knew that I wanted was to go and get some form of education. A huge issue I faced was whether I would be financially capable to pursue that education. Whenever I stumbled upon LWC, it captivated me. No, it isn’t huge or extravagantly glamorous. No, we don’t live in the most affluent area. But that’s what added to the character of the place I would one day call “home.” 

Lindsey Wilson has some of the best faculty, staff, and students ever! We treat everyone like family, and recognize the bond we all have with one another. The Blue Raider bond is something I knew I wanted to be a part of after I concluded my first campus visit. Every aspect of the school reflected back some part of me. It has allowed me to grow and develop as a person and connect with some of the most authentic people I’ve ever encountered. I was financially capable to attend the school that was meant for me with academic-merit scholarships as well as state financial aid that left me with little to no worries at all in terms of costliness. Moreover, the educational value was there, in the most intimate and meaningful way. It feels good to know that your professors know your name and care about what you’re going through every single day. 

Education means the world to my family and me. When I was very young, my grandmother considered anything to be a “teachable moment,” which always rung very ironic because that’s what she was, a teacher! She would take the smallest moment and yield some lessons from it. From there, I always learned that knowledge truly is power and it is the key to success. My family has always held me accountable for the type of student I wanted to be. If I wanted to get A’s and B’s on a report card, I was expected to come home with straight A’s. In all, education is an opportunity that can transform your life, and my family hasn’t let me waste it.

LWC has granted so many bright opportunities to me during my time here. None of which I take lightly. I have had the chance to represent my fellow Blue Raiders as a member of the Student Government Association, becoming the 2018-19 Freshman Class President and 2019-20 Chief-of-Staff. Additionally, I became the new host for LWC Snapshot which is a current events clip on all convenings and happenings that airs bimonthly on Sundays via LWC social media. Currently, I am heading the collaboration between Lindsey Wilson College and the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, in aiming for the first ever collegiate level school climate audit under the organization. Additionally, I have opportunities like this…to share what education means to me, and why my college is the perfect embodiment for it.