Frankfort newspaper profiles Union student interning with lobbying firm through AIKCU internship

Frankfort State-Journal reporter Katheran Wasson has a nice profile on Union College senior Nikki Bistline, a Frankfort native who is interning with a Frankfort lobbying firm through the AIKCU internship program.

Bistline sees the internship with Capital Link Consultants as an opportunity that could open up her future:

“Even if it doesn’t take me anywhere, I feel like this will let me get to know some people and get to know what’s out there and open up some options,” she said.

 She encourages more students from Kentucky’s independent colleges to apply for the AIKCU internship program:

“I know people might be scared for the change, but this is huge, this is something that will matter,” she said. “You should come, you should try it – it’s an experience worth vying for.

“If you don’t get anything out of it, you’ll learn more about the government by meeting some legislators and shaking some hands and seeing how things work and why things don’t get done.”

This is the first year that AIKCU has placed interns with lobbyists.  In odd-numbered years interns work with the General Assembly, normally working directly with members of the legislature. This year AIKCU added a small number of placements with carefully selected lobbyists in order to provide opportunities for students to gain a different perspective on the legislative process. In even-numbered years interns work in a variety of state agencies.

Read the entire article about Nikki Bistline on the State-Journal website.