Transy wins 4th straight Battle of the Bumpers

Transylvania University has retained its title as the reigning AIKCU “Battle of the Bumpers” champion. This is Transy’s fourth straight title in the annual contest that pits AIKCU’s 20 members against each other to see which college’s supporters can put the most institutionally-branded license plates on Kentucky highways.

Since $10 from the sale of each plate goes back to the school’s general scholarship fund, the Battle of the Bumpers is also a competition to see which institution can raise the most money for students. Transylvania plate sales raised $8,520 for student scholarships in 2011. Overall, sales of Kentucky Independent Higher Education license plates generated more than $45,000 in scholarships last year. The plates have generated more than $300,000 for student scholarships since they began hitting Kentucky highways in 2002.

“We’re very proud of the commitment that Transylvania and our other members have made to promoting their license plates,” said Gary S. Cox, AIKCU President. “The pride people show by displaying these plates is an extension of the institutions’ quality and dedication to supporting students.”

Transylvania has implemented a number of promotional strategies to bolster their plate sales, including sending license plate birthday cards to alumni reminding them to purchase or renew their plates.

Centre College, the only other institution to hold the Battle of the Bumpers title, was the runner-up for the fourth consecutive year. Georgetown College placed third.

Plates for all 20 AIKCU institutions are available to Kentucky residents through local county clerks offices. Plates cost $44 upon initial issue and $31 for renewals, including the $10 that goes to the campus to support student scholarships.