Updated for 2010-11: AIKCU institutions with the highest percentages of Pell recipients

Updated: March 1, 2012 with new 2010-11 Pell data

If you’ve been a regular visitor to AIKCU.org you’ve likely seen this graphic or some version of it before. However, it’s something we feel can’t be emphasized enough, particularly in light of the current budget negotiations and our efforts to thank Congress for federal student aid.

Pell Grants, the federal grants reserved for the neediest students, play a critical role in helping students attend independent colleges and universities in Kentucky. When combined with a student’s own resources, institutional financial aid, state financial aid, student loans, and other aid sources, Pell makes college possible for large numbers of students who might otherwise not attend or who would struggle to afford a quality education.

In 2010-11, 50 percent of all AIKCU undergraduates received federal Pell grants. That’s up from 2009-10, when about 45 percent of all AIKCU undergraduates relied on Pell to help pay for part of their college costs. (We don’t have the full data for 2010-11 yet, but our friends at the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority have run the numbers and told us that the overall percentage of AIKCU undergraduates receiving Pell increased again last year to right at 50 percent.)

While our campuses are diverse and their Pell percentages range from around 20 to more than 80 percent, there are 12 AIKCU institutions where more than half of undergraduates receive Pell. This graphic shows those AIKCU institutions with the highest percentages of Pell recipients.


The more than 14,000 AIKCU students who receive Pell each year need you to speak up and tell your elected officials to protect Pell and other forms of federal aid, including student loans. If you’re on one of our campuses, pick up a thank you card and write a quick note to your senators and representative. Make sure you also sign the ┬áStudent Aid Alliance’s Statement to Save Student Aid.

If you are or were one of those Pell recipients, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments why Pell is important to you, or post to our Facebook page.

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